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AI Smasher: The Ultimate Destination for AI and Tech News

In the ever-evolving world of technology, a void was felt in 2023. Tech enthusiasts and professionals yearned for a dedicated platform catering exclusively to AI and Tech news. That’s when came into existence.

As part of the renowned StrongMocha News Group Media portfolio, AI Smasher is a comprehensive resource offering insightful news, in-depth analysis, and valuable opinions about the sprawling AI ecosystem. Our focus ranges from the intricacies of standardization to the diverse business use cases and the myriad of development opportunities AI brings.

Our approach is unique. We don’t just parrot what everyone else says. We delve deep into research, extract the essence, and present it with our unique perspective. Our reporting comes straight from the industry’s frontline, enriched by contributions from companies leading the AI revolution.

Whether you are an organization looking to understand the AI landscape or a curious individual with a general query, we are here to assist. Request a media pack or ask a general question by completing the form below.

Our dedication to providing authentic and timely news drives us to scour information from varied sources. Universities, labs, renowned scientists, science publishers, and many other science departments fall under our radar. Our platform features full articles, press releases, abstracts, and even occasional research journal papers. We take pride in our inclusive approach, welcoming submissions from almost everyone.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Hanna

  • Hanna: Spearheading our editorial team, Hanna serves as the Editor in Chief. Connect with her at

Hanna is a dynamic and passionate individual who has dedicated herself to AI and technology journalism. As the editor-in-chief at AI Smasher, she plays a pivotal role in curating, reviewing, and presenting the most relevant and impactful news to the platform’s audience.

With a background in computer science and a knack for storytelling, Hanna seamlessly blends technical details with human interest angles, making even the most complex AI topics accessible to readers of all levels. Her commitment to maintaining the highest editorial standards ensures that every piece on AI Smasher is informative and engaging.

Outside of her editorial duties, Hanna is known for mentoring young writers and journalists, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape of tech journalism. Her collaborative approach and open-door policy have made her a beloved figure among the AI Smasher team.

In her spare time, Hanna enjoys attending tech conferences, participating in AI think tanks, and exploring the latest innovations in machine learning. She believes in continuous learning and often emphasizes the importance of staying updated in a field as dynamic as AI.

If you wish to connect with Hanna or have a story you believe deserves attention, she is always open to hearing from AI enthusiasts, researchers, and readers. Reach out to her directly at

Meet James

  • James: With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the domain, James is our Expert Writer. Reach out to him at

James is an insightful and experienced writer who specializes in AI and technology. As an Expert Writer at AI Smasher, his articles offer depth, clarity, and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the AI world. His writings inform, inspire, and guide readers through the vast and evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

With a degree in software engineering and years of experience in the tech industry, James has a unique ability to break down complex technical jargon into relatable content. His analytical skills and his eloquent writing style ensure that even novices in the field can grasp the significance of the latest AI breakthroughs.

Beyond his articles, James is known for his workshops and webinars, where he educates budding tech enthusiasts about the potential and challenges of AI. His dedication to spreading knowledge is evident in his interactive sessions, making him a sought-after speaker in various tech events.

In his leisure, James is an avid reader, always looking for the next big idea in technology. He also enjoys coding, experimenting with new AI algorithms, and collaborating with fellow tech enthusiasts on innovative projects.

James is always approachable for those who wish to dive deeper into the realm of AI or have questions about his articles. You can get in touch with him at

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